Offensive Security

Certificates made by the creators of kali linux. During my OSCP exam I hacked in 24hours 5 machines and got Administrator access to each one of them. Two web applications a custom built exploit where I had to understand a windows service in depth to then write my own hack / exploit to gain access to the machine.

ELearnSecurity (INE)

Certificates focused on offensive security where I proved that I could infiltrate inside of a corporate network and gain unauthorized access to multiple machines on the network.

Hack The Box

Certificates based on red teaming where I proved that I was able to infiltrate companies with increasingly more complex security systems where I was able to infect most devices on the network and implant my malware to navigate laterally through the companies while avoiding detection.

Try Hack Me

Learned the basics of cyber security and hacked a corporate network with light defensive mechanisms to learn the basics of red teaming and lateral movement.

TCM Security

Learned real world application of penetration testing skills for freelance and corporate environments through report writing, investigation and phishing campaigns

Other Certificates

Since I constantly try to improve my skills in penetration testing and information security I also have other certificates in different fields and interests.