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Created on Sat. 17 Sep 2021

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Before reading this post just know the laws in your country don't stalk people and don't use critical information for Illegal means even if someone is really dumb just don't bully them for it. Be cool


This post is all about using LinkedIN for hacking a lot of people use linkedin in the professional work. Honestly I use it a lot and I decided to write this because some idiots don't understand what is acceptable. A lot of information could be used for OSINT and I probably am not the most careful guy out there mater of fact thanks to my domain registrar my last password got probably leaked (at least it's in md5 LOL) but I'm not posting in clear text my address online publicly (compared to other people).

I did a few ctf's in the past where OSINT was part of the challenges and where we went on LinkedIn to find the tech stack looking at the resume of some guy basically something that seems obvious if you would like to know "gee how does google back-end work?" without going on the website you can probably see that on LinkedIN.

Haha that literally took me 5min to find, I fucking rule :D.


Now I was talking about this with my girlfriend it was pretty funny because my original idea for this post was to build a website that would just dump you physical addresses of people, yes their address I also wanted to add a little profile picture next to it just for shits and giggles. I know it's mean, my gf got pissed and told me I was "sick" to which I laughed my ass off. But honestly, man, fucking students like if you sit down right now and google just 3 words you can dump pdf after pdf with home addresses or their parents address I'm guessing so that if a company is to far away they can what? Not contact you??? I honestly don't understand why teachers tell this. I'll be fair I fell in that exact trap but who would think oh I'm putting my address on my resume no big deal it's only companies that will see that I kind of get it but then why the fuck would you post that on linked in Jesus.


Like it is really fucking crazy. Every week I see an address on LinkedIn just hanging there looking at me saying: "Yes, leo you see me you could just use me to harass the shit out of those people I know you want to troll them go do it. I dare you :)" But then my moral compass just does a 180 and I'm like fucking poor guy so I just drop a comment like "Hey buddy good luck on finding your first internship but you should really delete posts with addresses on them it's a bit embarrassing. So I'm at the school EPITECH lets do a social experiment, search for this on LinkedIn

  • cv stage {schoolname}
This translates to: "resume internship {schoolname}" nothing to fancy right? WRONG this will literally give you resumes upon resumes with addresses on them

Know I did redact the living shit out of this resume and I did change the colors and stuff so that it's harder to find it. But honestly pretty creepy like in green is the logo for a house and literally next to it is his address


Now I know it must be conflicting in your mind, how do I tell my future employer information without telling them what I worked on, why do my teachers tell me put your address on your resume, as a resume tip. Listen I'm here for you 1st there is just no way for you to be 100% safe unless you just delete LinkedIn I wouldn't recommend it is great for finding recruiters but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful in what you post.


I can hear you say "Jeez leo that's pretty messed up all of this" to which I answer YES let's go find more messed up information :D here is a quick home made list of "linked IN DORKS" that I thought of while writing this post :D

  • cv stage (el famoso and the creepiest) -> in posts
  • summer internship resume (english version of previous one) -> in posts
  • {company name} tech lead -> in people
  • backend intern {startup name} -> in people

Also a devious one that you could imagine is this:
  • soc analyst {company name} -> in people

Everything not listed they are probably vulnerable to that :'D


Now from the first 4 you can probably see a pattern linkedIn is a great tool to get information from people I have so much fun sometimes just getting data from it and if I was unemployed I would have coded that tool for sure for now I'm just not bothered to spend my time doing that. So to wrap up please stay safe if you are reading this I don't think you need a tin foil hat in this scenario just some bloody common sense. Like, you wouldn't steal a handbag so just don't post your home address publicly.

Hey, thanks for reading :) I hope you found the many memes inside of this page enjoyable I'll try to have more posts like this in the future I had a lot of fun reading this article on wikipedia while writing this post :)

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