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Created on Wed. 08 Jul 2020

Over the years I have made a bunch of websites, I first started creating websites in 2013 with google sites! I then went and learned programming a few years later. I obviously learned html and css because of my curiosity towards websites. I always wanted to make my own for some reason, with my friends in 2014 we where a bunch of kids and we all wanted to start youtube so I made a websites for me and my friends :) I then started getting a lot more serious at programming and I started freelance and here is where this repository began.


In Jun 2017 this is where I started with my first commits that had a small but effective websites. At the time I love emojis for some reason and to be perfectly honest I still do! So I had a pretty empty first page and a little project list with a carousel when you clicked on the correct project.

This period was very experimental I had no idea what a correct portfolio looked like So I just messed around. I then started to look a bit more into the different styles of portfolio I could make and it's where I started working more on this format

I then started to go away from the emoji layout and wanted something more sober and simple so I then moved to a similar design but something more light on the eyes. At the time I even used a white terminal, yuck.

I even started on working on my resume, I didn't even had one at that time :). Then in September I wanted to get a more ergonomic kind of feel and I wanted to build something scalable to any screen. So I started looking into mobile and web design. I first started experimenting by creating sample buttons:

And it then evolved into it's own style of website.


After a whole year of absence from my computer. I actually spent a year outside and didn't touch my laptop, I then came back with my new skills to settle on this terrible idea, I'm going to add a schedule to my website! Why did I do that? I don't know! But I still did it.


After an other year of absence working at different jobs and doing other stuff. I then looked into redoing my website to get something more like a really portfolio for once. So I looked at bootstrap themes and settled on this:

Know I chose purple because literally the album I was listening at the moment was purple. Later on that god awful year that pandemic struck and I was stuck inside and after some chat with my current girlfriend of the time I decided to build a blog :)

Thank you for reading please follow my rss feed and check out the other blog posts :)

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