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Created on Fri. 20 Oct 2023

After more discussions around havoc I had a few more ideas on what I could implement inside of the GUI python API. I've been having a lot of fun around implementing things inside of this project even thow I don't really like c++ this project has been fun to see how far I could push things.

It was discovered that I could add colors inside of labels through HTML syntax so I wanted to do the same with buttons. Changing out the style does let you make more personal widgets. With my mate Jak0b also porting Shhhloader over we discovered that Dialogs where a bit of a pain to work with if you add a lot of features so having them scroll would be nice. I also wanted to improve my little script where you could search for files.

If you didn't know that I worked on the Havoc C2 framework I recommend reading my previous three posts, I have them pinned on the right (desktop), bottom (mobile) for you. This time I added a few cute things like Image Widgets and the ability to update set Labels!


havocui.Dialog("Title", True, 100, 100)

The Dialog class can now have predefined with and height with the last two arguments respectively. You also can set the behavior of the Dialog to allow scroll functionality through the second argument:

havocui.Widget("Title", True)

The widgets did not change much I mainly just ported from the dialog the scroll behaviour as a second argument.


The main objective was to have a little dial that you can turn to get a integer value back. This was also added to the Dialog class.

            def dial_callback(num):

havocui.Widget().addSlider(dial_callback, True)

The main objective was to have a little slider that you can turn to get a integer value back you can also define if you want a vertical or horizontal one by setting true the horizontal optional argument. This was also added to the Dialog class.

            def dial_callback(num):


Based on the getdemons function this will return an array of listeners so that you can pick listeners in the future for specific tasks.

How I built it

Now Implementing the scroll was a right pain for me since you can't just set QDialogs with a scroll effect on them. What you need to do is actually create a master widget inside of the dialog and then have a child widget where you will be adding your content too so that you can have that scroll functionality:

I honestly spent an entire day trying to implement that functionality it was such a pain since I had no idea what I was doing :P. The other part that tripped me up was how python classes where originally initialized I had a double call to tp_init() which would make it so that I couldn't send in more than one argument to the classes this bit was very confusing since during compile everything was fine and I thought that tp_init() needed to be there. After looking more into it I found where it was double called.

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