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Created on Thu 06 Aug 2020

For the 2020 defcon I wanted to do a different kind of challenge so I put my mind to LFI. On TryHackMe the page for LFI is filled with the same awnsers on this challenge and I wanted to bring something different to the table.


I first started by launching Burp just in case it can come in handy. I then loaded the website and started looking around for a LFI, I then found something interesting on this link:

Inside the url of the page we can see something interesting, the name argument for the get request.


Seeing this I decided to do a basic LFI using this format:


Doing this it returned me the /etc/passwd file:

After finding the LFI i tried putting the home path of the use with it's id_rsa because I didn't see the comment that I highlighted above after doing the challenge (the comment provides the username and password for ssh)


This strategy not working I decided to quickly manually fuzz for the user.txt file and root.txt file to see if I had rights to it :)


Using this technique it worked surprisingly!

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