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Aug - 2020

This a page explaining my linux configuration I spend a lot of time working on my configuration and customizing my linux environment for better efficiency and to work on my computer skills.

My text editor

I use the vim text editor with as little plugins as I can. I have a .vimrc that I maintain on github gists. I also have my own custom plugin to update my blog posts RSS feed and post list.

I also use emacs for organising my work and schedule with org mode. I use the DOOM emacs distribution.

emacs conf

My file browser

As a file browser I personally use ranger I know it's not the best one but it works with image previews. I usually have ranger in floating mode in the middle of my screen.

ranger conf

My app launcher

For an app launcher I use my own fork of dmenu I have different modes that are built in. One as an app launcher and the other one used to search for man pages.

st config

App launcher

st config

Man page search

My terminal

As a terminal I use st I personally use bash ( my bashrc) as a command interpretor and tmux as a multiplexer on my terminal. On those programs I use the Dracula color theme with custom plugins in the status bar.

st config

My graphical environment

I use dwm as a graphical environment I built my own patches for dwm, those can be found on my gists. I also wrote a blog post about how to write a dwm patch (here).

Fibonacci layout

fibonacci layout

Tile layout

centered master

Centered master

My current distribution

I used to use ubuntu and I recently switched to arch linux so this config works on both I made an install script where you can see all of the apps I use. I have a tarball here that has all of my dot files if you want to go through them. But I also maintain them on public gists.
link to the ubuntu install script

Arch install script

Ubuntu install script