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Oct - 2022

These are pages explaining my linux configuration I spend a lot of time working on my configuration and customizing my linux environment for better efficiency and to work on my computer skills. This is not the 3rd update I only add more to these pages when I put in a lot of work currently I added more menus and cool stuff. This can now be tested in a broken iso I built hopefully in the future I will fix up this iso. (Writing date 28/09/2022, you can check this date with the build date of the iso downloaded to check how far I moved up and the repo should be updated on how well I went).

My text editor

I use the vim text editor with a lot of plugins I like to try new stuff. I have a .vimrc that I maintain on github gists. I also have my own custom plugin to update my blog posts RSS feed and post list. Since last time I also tried customizing vim for working with JavaScript and added some plugins for a nice opening screen and a display to show my available shortcuts.

I use fzf as a search tool to go through most of my work.

My file browser

Since my last config I did not change file browser and I stayed on ranger but I also started using RSS feed tools to replace social media and my email client is now self hosted!

ranger conf

I also use ranger for gui stuff sometimes I am just not bothered to use ranger.

ranger conf

My app launcher

For an app launcher I use my own fork of dmenu I have different modes that are built in. One as an app launcher and the other one used to search for man pages. Since my first iteration I also built-in a lot more stuff in dmenu and started using it as an all purpose tool. I made a shortcut to quickly edit a config file that I am thinking about. A virtual machine manager that loads iso's from my external hard drive when I plug it in. A openvpn handler that connects to ovpn files by using the find command I extract all ovpn files and run them. With also a all purpose shortcut selection where I can run strings of commands I mostly use this as a auto cheat sheet when I need something quick but I know it's just convoluted to find on google. Finally a shutdown menu so that I don't nuke my computer in one shutdown command!

st config

App launcher

st config

Man page search

st config

Quick config edit

st config

Start Qemu virtual machine

st config

Start openvpn connection

st config

Run mapped shortcut

st config


My terminal

As a terminal I use st I personally use bash ( my bashrc) as a command interpretor and tmux as a multiplexer on my terminal. On those programs I use the One Dark theme a small merge from Dracula had to be done it was getting to redundant. I also added custom banners for when I launch a terminal so that when I'm bored I have things to look at :D

st config

My graphical environment

This is the main thing I worked on recently, view v2 for more of the window manager information I will go more in depth with the different menu's this time instead since this is what I worked on the most lately. The main thing that changed on my desktop is the GUI menu with embedded spotlight equivalent which can be used to do most of the file/application and general searches on the net from my desktop.

menu bar

expose menu

spotlight equivalent

I also added a windows equivalent menu for searching for apps. I went a bit crazy with the menus but I sometimes forget what I have and the mouse menu has a use case for when I only have one hand available.

My current distribution

I currently run arch-linux for the "DIY" aspect of it but I will soon move on my own fork of arch with all of the edits I constantly do to my OS I think it's time for me to have my own distro. I also provided a link to the different config files that stay in my home with the source code of most of this at the top of the page.